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Children Peace Initiative Kenya (CPI - KENYA) is a community based organization dedicated to promote peace through children. Children Peace Initiative Kenya uses an integrated approach to promote Peace working with the children. It is an organization that strives to empower socially and economically children living among communities affected by inter-ethnic conflict to develop positive values and attitudes that will enable them to appreciate peace and become agents of reconciliation between their communities as they grow up.



    Mon, 19/06/2017

    Huruma, Nairobi

    CPI KENYA'S Director Hilary Halkano and Deputy director Monica Kinyua will be training people into Peace Ambassadors who will prevent, mediate conflict in the informal settlements by using non-violent means when disagreements arise and spreading Peace in the Community.

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    Thu, 08/06/2017

    Samburu and Baragoi

    CPI KENYA will be conducting Impact assessment on Children engagement in Peace Building in target communities within Samburu County and Pre Project Survey in Baragoi ahead of project inception in the region.

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 A Call to Protect Life in the Slums

CPI KENYA Team administered questionnaires to six schools in Baragoi(Baragoi, Bendera, Nachola,Natiti, Naling'ang'or,and Ngilai);the team also involved new schools in the Pre-Project survey.The Schools are: Lenkima on the Turkana side and Lesirikan, Simiti and Masikita on the S

CPI KENYA Team welcomes Talley Diggs to Kenya. Talley will be Interning with CPI KENYA and we are grateful for our Partnership with Advocacy Project that provides a platform for experiential learning.

CPI KENYA Team did a presentation during Grant Project Talk held by the Rotary Club of Milimani in Nairobi Kenya.


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